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Community Supported coop

If you are a local farm in San Diego or Riverside Counties, or within 25 miles from either County, please do contact us, we want to partner with you.


Join us to bring quality and efficiency to the concept of "Farm to Table".  Eden Tropics will buy your quality produce, nuts, honey, grass fed beef cattle, and other farm products, incorporate within our efficient packaging, processing, and distribution organization set up to serve our local communities, and counter the big corporations and the industrial scale commercial farming. 


Join with us to bring good old fashion organic practices and direct local connection between us the farmers on one side with our local consumers and our immediate communities.  Join us to bring back pride and integrity in the food we eat, help our communities fight childhood obesity, get rid of "Junk food" and replace with "Wholesome food".


The benefits are countless …  better quality, fresher, healthier, and tastier produce, minimal time and distance for transportation and distribution, minimal carbon footprint, instant gratification by consumers looking to buy local, buy fresh, and in turn support their own local communities.  We can do this together, we can do this better, we can do this when united as a coop.


Please drop us a note, tell us about your farm, types of crops you produce, amount of products available for us to purchase, and if you are able to grow requested seasonal field and green house crops.  Give us indication of size of your farm, and if you follow organic practices.  Contact us at Services@edentropics.com.