Freshman 15 Tropical Box

Freshman 15 Tropical Box (local)

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Want to stop the cycle of college freshman gaining 15 pounds during first year in school ... we may have the perfect most practical solution.
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College students have so much to do yet so little time, juggling classes, homework, working to support themselves, and dealing with all the new chores that parents used to handle for them before moving out ... so little money and time to eat well, often gaining 15 pounds during freshman year where the term "Freshman 15" has become an apidemic throughout our colleges nationwide ... or so you thought!

Introducing Freshman 15 Tropical box, filled with hand picked tropical fruits, delivered directly to your student store, or pickup from one of our Farmers Market locations in Riverside or San Diego Counties.  Box worth $40, offered for 1/2 price, and if you schedule a fruit box purchase weekly, we will bring your cost to under $18.

Each box will include a minimum of 10 pounds of multiple types of tropical fruits in season, at least 3 or 4 types in each box.  This will include Dragon fruit, Cherimoya, passion fruit, Guava, figs, and other fruits that are very high in nutritious value and specifically packaged to offset and replenish needed sources of healthy diet missing from the common fast food diet.

This offer is only available as pickup service either from one of our farmer market locations or at your participating College student Stores - no other shipping service offered as a way to eliminate shipping cost and make it most affordable for you.  Please encourage other students at your school to consider our weekly fruit box, as we are able to deliver multiple boxes, we will be glad to pass on additional savings back to you.