Large Madjool Dates - 11 pounds Box

Large Medjool Dates - 64 oz

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Extra Large Madjool Dates, perhaps the king of Dates, after all, the original palms planted right here were imported originally from the Royal gardens of Morocco.
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3 Dates a Day


 The Secret is ... 3 Dates a Day! 

If you need a true energy boost ... here is your answer: 3 Dates a day.

This box of extra large Madjool Dates is your 3 months supply for amazing energy.  Eat it fresh, have it for lunch, slice it up and mix it with your morning cereal, or incorporate it as a favorite ingredient for baking.  
On hot summer nights ... enjoy date shakes!

Dates are considered one of the most important sources of nutrition in every day diet.  One can trace history of dates to biblical times and the holy land.