Guava Collection - 8 Pounds Box

Guava Collection - 8 Pounds Box

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Product code (SKU): FF-12102
Collection of fresh tropical Guava. Several varieties included in single box.

At Eden Tropics, we have planted thousands of Guava trees, perhaps the largest varieties planted in the entire United States featuring seedless Egyptian Guava, white, cream, pink, red, Asian, Mexican, and Indian Guava.  Each box will include at least 3 types of Guava and plenty of aroma to perfume your entire home!

If you wish to send a Guava box as a gift, you will have the option to personalize a gift card during checkout.

Guava is harvested and packed the same day it is shipped to you.  We are fortunate to have a very long and extended season from Late October to late May.  You can also pre-order this item.

Upgrade your order to 15 pounds box and save ... plus additional savings with no extra shipping cost for the larger box.